Most people have the same hobby: movies. After a busy workday or an exhausting week is done, it’s a happy moment that the family sit in the sofa, see a film and talk something. Do you remember the movie 2012? Do you know what means the number “2012” before 2012? It meant the end of the world before. Roland Emmerich made the movie in 2009. Whether you watched it or not, you could guess some plots at least. On the last day of the year, the end of the world arrived at the appointed time. In order to save his family, John Cusack used his wristwatch to hire a small plane. The watch is a big Pilot Mark XVI in stainless steel with black crocodile leather bracelet by IWC. The advertisement marketing in the movie 2012 helped IWC expand its reputation and popularity further. What’s more, IWC Pilot Mark XVI replicas are the hot-selling models among popular watch brands.

IWC has been devoted to researching and manufacturing pilot watches since the 1930s. During the World War II, Britian entrusted IWC to design and manufacture well-known Mark military wristwatches. IWC Mark XI produced in 1948-1984 was the first pilot model certified officially by British Royal Air force, and collectors are keen on the antique model. IWC Mark XI influenced all the later generations, Mark XII, Mark XV, Mark XVI. Although they came with automatic movements by JLC and ETA, thanks for exquisite modification technology, they captured a lot of supporters.

IWC Pilot Mark XVI is a classic model fusing heritage and modernism. It stopped manufacturing in 2012, but its popularity and charm never declines in the secondary market and top replica market. Replica IWC Big Pilot Mark VXI Automatic Men’s Watch IW325501 features simple look and clear readability, showing elegance and charm of a mature man. It’s a necessary accessory for gentlemen or businessmen.

Replica IWC Mark XVI men’s watch IW325501, 39mm×11.5mm. According to the demands of customers, it is equipped with Sea-Gull 2892 (Chinese movement) or Swiss ETA 2892. From your own financial income, choose a right watch for yourself. The rhodium plated watch case in 316 L steel shows bright luster and mirror-like effect. The design for black and white dial looks classic and modern. With black leather bracelet, the replica IWC Pilot Mark XVI watch is very versatile. There are two types of leather bracelet to be alternative, calfskin bracelet and crocodile skin bracelet. It’s well known that IWC watch features blue film plated sapphire crystal, and it shows attractive blue. The replica IWC watch bears the feature, too. 50-meter water resistance ensure users wearing it without additional worries.


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