During my childhood, I saw my father organizing his sock drawer neatly. He still wears clean white socks till today. At that time, I asked him why. He told me that a man’s taste highlights from his socks. I have kept the good hobby. As I grew up, I got different answers about what can highlight a man’s taste. I needed a pair of sunglasses, and I walked into a store. I was told that men filled with good taste need sunglasses in different styles on different occasions. I was told that a good leather belt can enhance a man’s taste in the accessory store. Saleswomen told me that you should support your wife to invest more money no her face and figure, because your taste depends on your wife standing beside you. When I planed to buy a wristwatch, many suggestions came into my mind. Friends around me asked me to buy a luxury wristwatch in order to my status and taste. Why did I get so many answers? After thinking twice, I know that those actions are called marketing strategies or vanity.

Taste is a kind of comprehensive quality. A leather belt or a wristwatch is just a piece of accessory, an item. Taste and it never built a necessary link. Some rich men show their naked wrists, and some office men wear Omega watches. Personal preference and value system determine men’s choices about wristwatches. A wristwatch for most people is a luxury item. It’s just a timepiece telling time, but too many people pay attention to precious metals and fancy price more. As for the accurate time, no any wristwatch can be more precise than smart phones on tell time. I love wristwatches, and I pay attention to information of new wristwatch and antique watches. I think excellent wristwatches are like antiques in the museum, full of beauty of wisdom.

I Love wristwatches, and I want a right watch, so I got it with a pragmatic approach. I got an IWC Portuguese replica from one of my friends. It’s an excellent watch with high quality and delicate crafts. Inspired by the marine watch, IWC Portuguese chronograph watch fits men in the daily use or on the business occasion. Sport style, elegant details and complicated functions are fused into the replica IWC Portuguese Automatic Chronograph Watch IW371482. I saw some women wear IWC Portuguese men’s watches, distinctive. IWC is a watch maker influenced by Bauhaus Building style, so IWC watches are full of minimalism.

I think rose gold plated watch case with a sun-brushed dial and a set of black crocodile leather strap is an elegant match. Long rose gold plated hands spin around the dark grey dial, like dancing slim girls. Studded scales are like little stars on the night sky. The surface of genuine leather strap is pressed with crocodile pattern by machines. My replica IWC Portuguese Automatic Chronograph watch is equipped with ETA 7750, a classic and durable movement with 25 jewelers. I extremely like it, an excellent IWC replica watch.


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